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Beautiful Necessity Space Clearing is the art of cleansing, purifying, and increasing the invisible but tangible energy in your home or business.

Energetic space clearing can transform space that may feel heavy and dull to vibrant and radiant. Space clearing has been practiced in every culture throughout human history. Native Americans use drums, rattles and burning herbs in their rituals, while the Chinese use gongs, chanting, and incense. In medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared energy, and in the Middle East smoldering resins such as frankincense and myrrh have been used to invite blessings into a home. Scandinavians have a tradition of fastidious cleaning and clearing every spring. Even church bells are a means of community space clearing. The methods and the tools have varied from one culture to another, but the intent has been the same—to create harmony, balance, and nourishing environments that support the health and well being of you, your family, your home, and your business.


1) Homes and businesses are comprised of interconnected and endless transforming energy fields, including the physical energies of the structure and the objects within and around it, earth energies, emotional energies, and non-physical energies.

2) Homes and businesses have a consciousness and a spirit, just like humans. Spaces can be introverted or outgoing; they can be allies or adversaries. They can flourish and thrive or struggle and die. Homes and businesses are nourished by how we hold them in our minds and hearts. Without love and attention, these spaces become merely physical structures that neither sustain nor nurture us. Homes and businesses can be vibrant radiant places that support us with fresh clear energy that is renewing and rejuvenating.

3) We are not separate from our living and working spaces. Our homes and businesses profoundly affect us. The spaces and environments we inhabit continually impact our personal energy, health, and well-being. Your home, business, and workspaces are outer manifestations of your inner energy. Homes and businesses evolve as the owner, family members, and employees evolve.

Beautiful Necessity Space Clearing has two specific objectives:

1) To clean and clear stagnant energy and spiritual clutter that has accumulated over time, and 2) To fill the clean empty space with increased and higher frequency energy that will support all that you desire for your home or business. The vibration of your spaces will be higher and will feel fresh, renewed, radiant and welcoming. Everything will be lighter and brighter. Beautiful Necessity Space Clearing is most effective when proceeded with physical cleaning and releasing all that no longer serves you.

When do your spaces need clearing?

Space clearing greatly enhances any feng shui or other changes you may be planning for your home or business. Space clearing can be done at any time, yet there are particular moments when it is especially important to clear and bless your near environment.

*Before the construction of a new home or business: Taking the time to connect and communicate with the earth, clearing the land of residual energy, and offering blessings can make an enormous difference in the future and fortunes of your family and business. Visionary land management companies use space clearing to perform blessings on the land before building housing developments.

*Before moving into your new home or business space: Clearing the energetic patterns of behavior and the fortunes and misfortunes of previous occupants will allow your new space to be positively aligned and infused with your own energy, intentions, and traditions.

*After major construction or remodeling: It is important to clear any new space of the energies of builders and contractors and all new materials such as ceiling, wall, floor coverings, paint, etc. Energetic clearing helps to heal a space after “surgery” and harmonizes and integrates newer spaces with the original structure. It is also important to clear antiques and flea market finds of the energies of previous owners.

*During periods of reoccurring, frequent, or extended illness: The qi or energy in your body is influenced by the quality of energy in your home or workplace and vice versa. The energy field of your near environment can reflect and sustain the vibrational pattern of an illness, depression, or compromised immune system, reinforcing the condition in your body. Space clearing creates a higher, stronger, and clear energy frequency that supports personal recovery and health.

*After misfortune: It is absolutely essential that space clearing be done after illness, divorce, death, arguments, accidents, or the departure of an unpleasant visitor to facilitate a timely release of any residual emotions, pain, suffering, and sorrow. It can literally clear the air of stagnant, unhealthy, negative or unhappy energy so you can begin anew.

*Before a celebration or a rite of passage: Space clearing—before bringing home a new baby or adding a new member to your household, the arrival of an honored guest, the addition of a business partner, after a family member has moved out, or before a rite of passage such as a marriage ceremony in the home—sets a new template of clarity and light. It creates the perfect environment for generating fresh new beginnings.

*As part of spring cleaning, a personal or business anniversary, or any time a lift or energetic boost is needed: Every home or business benefits from a space clearing at least twice a year, preferably on the winter and summer solstices, times that are charged with the energies of transformation in nature. Purifying your home or office from top to bottom while clarifying your goals and dreams will create a powerful template for realizing your life’s purpose.

*When wanting to increase sales, expand, or sell your home or business: Space clearing can increase sales and productivity and support the expansion of your business. Real estate brokers and firms have discovered that space clearing can dramatically accelerate property sales.

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY SPACE CLEARING $75/hour (two-minimum in your home or business; mileage fees may apply)

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