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Amid the prairie grasses at Jeffers Petroglyphs are islands of uncovered rock, where American Indians left carvings — petroglyphs — humans, deer, elk, buffalo, turtles, thunderbirds, atlatls and arrows. They tell a story that spans 5,000 years. The glyphs served many functions, including recording important events, depicting sacred ceremonies, and emphasizing the importance of animals and hunting. I was the researcher, writer and exhibits developer for the indoor and outdoor interpretation at Jeffers Petroglyphs in Cottonwood County, Minnesota, including the acclaimed multimedia show, “Listen to Grandmother Earth.”

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Reach me at 952.431.5586 or through my contact form for further information and rates for my research and writing services. I live in Apple Valley, Minnesota (Central Time Zone).

“Greetings, Loris, and my apologies for taking so long to thank you for the superb history of our house!  I should claim that I have had my nose stuck in it ever since you gave it to me and have hardly even stopped savoring it to take nourishment.  It is so much fascinating detail and so exhaustive in so many directions that it has provided us with many hours of distraction.  I know that the actual information about our specific house was sorely limited, partly because of the missing files, but you have a terrific talent for finding ways of tying in related information so that there is a real story or “history” there. I have only good, complimentary things to say about you, your professionalism, and your product. Thank you for the marvelous work.  We are so pleased to have it, and Nancy was absolutely flabbergasted when she opened it.  Once she made the connection to the architect’s drawing which I’d given her without explanation earlier, both took on extra significance.” Best wishes, Richard Dana, Chair, Historic Preservation Commission, City of St. Paul

“Thank you for all you’ve done to help unbury some old and disturbing family secrets. While the findings are not all palatable, your research truly is bringing healing, wholeness, connection and love into my life, my family’s, and the world. Blessings to you! With gratitude,” Toni Monsey, Charlotte, VT

“I would like to hire a research person and your profile seems delightful.  A Great Grandmother and a Great Grandfather both seem to be Native American Indian. You come highly recommended.  It will take intuition and insight, and you seem to be the best candidate to answer a few questions. My mother is so happy that you will help us along, if possible. You are a Godsend and having your expertise is a blessing. I hope you enjoy the search! Thank you.” Toni Goodrick, Cleveland, OH

I love to play detective and dig for information. I can search for whatever you might need to know or want to find. I have 25+ years of experience as a professional researcher, writer, and historian, including 18 years with the Minnesota Historical Society (St. Paul, MN) working in Exhibits, Museum Collections and Historic Sites. I am passionate about research and can usually find whatever you might need or want. I tend to “leave no stone unturned” and, as my previous boss used to say about me, I’m not happy until I’ve researched the universe. If it’s out there, I can find it for you. I am also passionate about turning research into captivating written stories, including family and house histories that will be cherished for generations.

Highlights of my skills honed at the Minnesota Historical Society (1986-2005) and the expertise I offer include:

Efficient researcher for family and house history mysteries, primary and secondary content sources; contemporary and historic moving and still images; film and photo rights and licensing, finding specific content specialists; formative and evaluative audience research; funding sources; material culture

Excellent verbal, written, and visual communicator for family and house histories, blogs, books, creative proposals, multi-layered exhibit text, interpretive nature trails and environmental education, newsletters, multimedia scripts, facilitating history-related focus groups

Skilled tracker, organizer, and archivist for infinite changing details within evolving big-picture visions

Expert generalist with a solid track record of being a content team leader in developing nationally-acclaimed, innovative, experiential exhibits from concept up to 4,000 square feet, multimedia object theaters and interpretive nature trails designed for visitors of all ages and learning styles; up to 200,000 visitors enjoy History Center exhibits annually.

Review my resume and project list links above which detail my exhibits, multimedia shows and nature trail interpretation at the Minnesota History Center and at Minnesota Historic Sites, including:

Going Places: The Mystique of Mobility

Home Place Minnesota

Jeffers Petroglyphs

Weather Permitting


-Art, film and photographs, manuscripts, maps, material culture, oral histories, organizational and business records; primary and secondary sources


-19th through 21st century Minnesota and Midwestern history, including architecture; art, businesses; clothing and textiles; ethnic groups and customs; families; folklore; food; houses; gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual life and culture; health; historic sites; Indian life including Ojibwe, Dakota and Lakota; leisure; material culture; native prairie; organizations; petroglyphs; postcards; technology; towns and communities; transportation; weather

-Holistic health, healing and wellness, including environmental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual health