Selected Articles by Loris Sofia Gregory

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“The Simple Joys of Fresh & Local,” the Edge, April 2012

Smell the fresh fragrance of spring as you wiggle your winter toes among tiny green sprouts in fertile soil. Listen to the popping ears of succulent sweet corn growing knee high by the 4th of July. Feel the amber waves of whole grains swaying in the cooling breeze of late summer. See shiny bright red apples ripening to perfection and take a whiff of fresh apple pie cooling on your kitchen windowsill. Wait a minute! I must be in a fairy tale — or Disney’s 1958 film “America the Beautiful.” READ MORE

“Homegrown South: Healthy People and Communities through Local Food,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, February/March 2012

The simple joy of eating fresh, delicious, nutritious food is a basic right for everyone. Supporting fresh locally-grown food is one of the best ways to claim this wherever we live. It is a proactive investment we can each make towards the optimum health of ourselves, our community and our planet. Homegrown South is a new initiative focused on creating a healthy and sustainable local food network in the south metro. Inspired by Homegrown Minneapolis, Homegrown South aims to bring together individuals, organizations, businesses, schools and governments as collaborative partners to grow, process, distribute and enjoy locally-grown fresh foods.  How can Homegrown South benefit you and your family?…

Down in the Valley Fresh & Local Meat Program, Valley Natural Foods, Burnsville, Minnesota

Valley Natural Foods has provided healthy choices since 1977. Because we know where good food comes from we have been successful in securing important products from our local supply chain. Under the Down in the Valley label, we are now delivering healthy choices naturally. Standards for the Fresh & Local Meat Program represented by the Down in the Valley label reflect a commitment to excellence through partnerships, craftsmanship, products and customer commitment. When you see this label on our meat products, be assured that we are serving your needs responsibly. Read my profiles for VNF’s Down in the Valley Farm Partners.

Gardens of Eagan Sweet Corn“Gardens of Eagan:  Growing Sustainable Goodness,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, August/September 2010

“Succulent pearly white and butter yellow kernels peaking out of lush green jackets. Is there anything that starts your heart aflutter and your taste buds hip hopping more than the first glimpse of farm-fresh sweet corn? Peek inside the husks, smell it and even gently pinch a kernel with your finger to see if it is hard or juicy. If it is fresh, there should be a little bit of an aromatic milky juice spurt from the kernel. You can rest assured that Gardens of Eagan certified organic sweet corn ─ and all the vegetables you find in VNF’s healthy produce department ─ will always be freshest and the tastiest. Mike Leck, Production Manager for Gardens of Eagan for five seasons, rightly proclaims their full long plump ears ‘to be the best tasting sweet corn ever.’…” Learn more about Gardens of Eagan.

“Stories of Cooperation: Visionary Partnerships Create Community,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, June/July 2010

“It seems perfectly natural that Partnership Resources, Inc. has partnered with Valley Natural Foods since November 2003. Based in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park, Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) provides a valuable matchmaking service. Program Director Terri Bauernfeind expresses their vision, “We believe that each person with developmental disabilities has unique talents and skills to contribute to businesses and to our community. Incorporated in 1960, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and were one of the first organizations to offer services for people with disabilities to allow them to be viable part of community, including employment. We started helping our clients find jobs in the early 1980s. The majority of our clients are hired directly by businesses ─ a concept that sets us apart from similar organizations…”

Sunrise“We Can Change the World, One Bite at a Time,” the Edge, April 2010

“…Our daily food choices impact our internal and external landscapes more than anything else we do.  Our divine bodies artfully interlaced with the earth’s body humbly serve as our only irreplaceable home. As Carl Sagan insightfully noted over a decade ago, “Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusions that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves…” READ MORE

“THURO-BREAD:  Ancient Grains, Sustainable Energy,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, February/March 2010

“Are you looking for a tasty, nourishing and energizing replacement to the plethora of high-sugar, low-benefit breakfast foods and snacks that endlessly entice you or your children and seem to jump into your grocery cart? Consider the benefits of a food that is ready to eat, easy to digest, high in nutrients, low in sugar, and will keep you sustained for hours, with energy to spare. Just as Plato realized “necessity as the mother of invention,” Sarah Couenhoven became curious about whole grains in 1995 in response to her husband’s declining health….” Learn more about Thuro Bread.

Succulent Veggies and Fruit“Eating Healthy for You and the Earth,” Whispers of Spirit, Summer Solstice Online Edition, June 2009

“Author Michael Pollan recently inspired me when I heard him say, “What happens on our plates is the most profound effect that we have on the natural world.”  Obviously what we eat makes a big difference to our wallets and our waistlines but we often don’t consider that our most profound engagement with nature is through the food we buy and eat. Our daily food choices impact our internal and external landscapes more than anything else we do…”

“Incredible Edible Shrinking Greens,” This is Living Naturally,  Valley Natural Foods, June/July 2009

“Their impact resides in the realm of the senses. They are surprising, mind-bending, intense, yet seductive and tender, easily taking center stage wherever they show up. They offer punchy flavor splashes to the taste buds, nutritional zip with scarcely a calorie, and a captivating confetti of lines, shapes, and nuanced colors to every plate and palate. Dubbed one of 2008’s culinary buzzwords by National Public Radio, micro greens are expected to be one of this year’s hottest food trends. These flavorful Lilliputian members of the edible greens community are the new rising stars that ensure a unique eating experience…”

Getting to the Heart of the Matter:  Align Your Heart with Your Home,” Stressfree Living, April 2009

“Reconnecting to your heart’s desires and honoring the heart of your home are complementary. Both hearts nourish a deep inner need for connection and balance. Ancient homes were built around a central hearth to provide a focal point for family life. Still today, your heart and your home serve as an interconnected energetic core, around which all life revolves. Optimum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health lies within aligning your home with your heart…”

almond_home1“Ooh La La! Time for French Nugget,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, February/March 2009

“Imagine savoring an aromatic freshly-brewed cup of coffee on a leisurely Sunday morning or taking well-deserved “me time” with a spot of soothing green tea in the late afternoon sun. Or envision a rising moon glistening its fullness across a deep indigo lake in the Boundary Waters, after a rewarding day of walleye fishing. Feel the warmth of a crackling campfire punctuated with the quintessential cry of a lone loon. Or feel the exhilaration of carefree pedaling on a rolling bike trail as it meanders through a lush green crazy quilt of farm fields. An early spring breeze caresses your face as you ponder a promising picnic lunch nestled in your knapsack. Or, taking your inner visions on a longer flight of fancy across the Atlantic, imagine sipping a rich red Cabernet Sauvignon with a cherished friend or lover at a quaint hillside French café overlooking the lapis blue Mediterranean Sea. What do all these fanciful pleasurable experiences have in common? Why, the healthy decadence of French Nugget of course!…”

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“Bouncing Berries,” This is Living Naturally, Valley Natural Foods, December/ January 2009

“Dan Wandler remembers hearing the word “organic” for the first time in 2001. His sister frequently bought organic food for her children and he wondered why. It seemed so much more expensive than the food he purchased. Today, as the owner of Sandhill Cranberry near Vesper, Wisconsin, Dan produces almost 70% of the certified organic fresh cranberries marketed in the United States. “I have become a true believer in organic farming,” Dan proudly proclaims, and “Our market share is the result of producing the best quality cranberry in the United States. Sandhill Cranberry is in the enviable position of trying to keep up with a demand that far exceeds what they currently produce. The 21st century has seen a rapidly growing global demand for organic and conventional cranberries. Recognized for consumer popularity, nutrient content, antioxidant properties and enhancing everything from cereal to salsa, cranberries have attained commercial status as a novel “superfruit…” Learn more about Sandhill Cranberry.

“Ten Ways to Invite Energy Into Your Life,” Stressfree Living, January 2008

“People often talk about not having the energy to do this or that, forgetting that we all have access to infinite energy. So where is all this energy you wonder? Energy is most likely stuck, stagnant and ready to be circulated in every nook and cranny of your home. Like taking a breath of fresh air after a long winter’s nap, we can invite energy back into our lives. These ten steps not only lift the energy of your home, but give you a new view on life, opening space and releasing energy towards manifesting your wild and precious dreams…”

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