“What happens on our plate is the most profound effect we have on our natural world.” Michael Pollan

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How many ways and for how long have you promised yourself that you will eat healthier? Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to find your way to all you imagine and desire for yourself? Is your kitchen encouraging and inspiring healthy eating or is it diminishing the health of yourself and your family as well as the health of the planet?

You have most likely heard, “You are what you eat.” Can you also believe “You are as healthy as your kitchen?” You and your family embody and reflect the energy of your kitchen. If all within your kitchen is pulsing with life force, you will embody and be a reflection of that empowering energy. As you nurture, honor, and feed your body what it truly needs and desires for optimum health, you also nurture and care for the health of the earth and our planet. What we eat makes a big difference to our waistlines, our wallets, and our planet.

loris-crate-barrel-21I use Beautiful Necessity Alignment to align your desire for a lifetime of healthy eating with your inner healing wisdom, your kitchen, and the conscious field of energy within and around you. This process starts with clarifying your desires and intentions for you, your body, and your health. I then take you on a deeply-relaxing guided tour of your kitchen so that you can see, feel, and sense all that is enhancing or diminishing your and your family’s health. This process results in a list of powerful action steps that is created from your own intuitive healing wisdom. I offer “Healthy Kitchen/ Healthy You” personalized coaching to artfully support you in bringing your inner wisdom fully grounded in your home and your life.

My health coaching program is based on a scientifically-researched model that reveals that action is the fourth step of six stages of change, starting with pre-contemplation and ending with changing for good. This process of changing for good takes clear intentions and practice over time in continually choosing to change long-established choices, habits and routines. One of the dramatic differences about my coaching is that I know how you can create your own radiant health inside and out. I also have the passion and the tools to support and applaud you as you choose one empowering successful step at a time.  How do I know this is all possible? Because I have chosen and recreated my own radiant health and emotional wellness from inside out and you can do the same.


DISCOVER foods and household toxins in your kitchen that are diminishing your health and the health of the earth.

SEE and FEEL the foods that your body craves for radiant health, as well as the individualized foods that will support each member of your family.

BE INSPIRED towards creating a healthy kitchen.

IMAGINE eating intuitively based on ever-present inner wisdom.

VISUALIZE emotion-free eating and your radiant body at optimum weight without dieting.

RECEIVE new ideas to nourish and comfort yourself without food.

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY ALIGNMENT SESSION $90/90 min. (phone or in person)


You may choose follow-up coaching after your initial Beautiful Necessity Alignment session or one of my personalized coaching packages to reclaim your true radiance and make optimum eating and health a reality in your life.

healthy-foods-in-open-refrigeratorFREE SAMPLE OF HEALTH COACHING: Review of your satisfaction with eight aspects of your health plus a little more depth on one area you would like to improve or we can focus the whole session on a health topic of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how you will benefit from our 30-minute phone conversation. See my CONTACT page or call me at 952.431.5586.

HEALTHY KITCHEN COACHING $66/hour (phone or two-hour minimum in your kitchen)

CLEARING & ORGANIZING IN YOUR KITCHEN $33/hour (two-hour minimum)


1) Refine your intentions and choose inspiring healthy goals for yourself.

2) Start to cleanse, clean, and detox towards a healthy, earth-friendly kitchen that is aligned with your inner healing wisdom.

3) Start to create a kitchen that inspires and encourages healthy eating.

4) Gain new awareness and insights about your food choices.

5) Learn a simple technique to test individual foods and products that will tell you what your body needs and what it does not.

6) Start to clear toxic emotions and thoughts that keep you tied to emotional and habitual eating rather than using food as nourishment.

ONE-MONTH PHONE COACHING PACKAGE $132 prepay (four 30-minute sessions or two one-hour sessions)

TWO-MONTH PHONE COACHING PACKAGE $250 (eight 30-minutes sessions or four one-hour sessions; save $14)

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1) Transform your health goals into new healthy eating habits and routines.

2) Redefine your kitchen as an earth healthy/body healthy space that is always working for you, supporting all you desire and visualize for your health.

3) Feel real health and emotional improvements as the energy within and around you transforms and uplifts you.

4) Experience effortless weight loss through healthy eating aligned with your body wisdom.

5) Receive deeper internal and external inspiration and encouragement for healthy eating.

6) Release and clear toxic emotions and thoughts that keep you tied to emotional and habitual eating.

FOUR-MONTH PHONE COACHING PACKAGE $500 prepay (16 30-minute weekly sessions or 8 one-hour sessions every other week)
Please call me at 952.431.5586. All phone sessions and reports are payable in advance.
Free estimates and discounts on larger projects. Mileage fees may apply.