peach-brown-nautilus-shell2To receive nourishment, we need to make space, and making space means perpetually letting go of that which is no longer necessary.” Hale Sofia Schatz in “If the Buddha Came to Dinner”

We live in a universe of infinite, interconnected and continually evolving conscious energy fields, including ourselves, our spaces, our belongings, our families, animals, the earth below us, the sky above us, and all nature around us. Our homes, buildings, spaces and environments where we live, work and play profoundly affect our personal health and wellness.

Your most intimate space, your home, is an outer manifestation and reflection of your inner state of health and well-being. With thoughtful interpretation, your home can provide clues to health and life challenges you may be experiencing. Homes and work spaces are also nourished by how we physically care for and honor them, as well how we regard them in our minds and our hearts. Without love and attention, the spaces and buildings around us can neither sustain nor nurture us.

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY is dedicated to clearing, detoxing, and aligning your home, business and work spaces with you. We all deserve to live in vibrant healthy spaces that renew and rejuvenate us each and every day with fresh, free-flowing energy. Relaxing in jacuzzi

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY ALIGNMENT is one of my primary tools to co-create healthy spaces aligned with your energy and your dreams. This process starts with clarifying your wildest creative intentions for yourself, your spaces, and your best life. I then support you through a deeply-relaxing guided visualization of your home or work space so that you can see, feel, and sense all that is enhancing or diminishing your dreams, your health, and your life. This process results in a list of powerful action steps that is created from your own intuitive healing wisdom.

sunflower-with-leaf1BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY ALIGNMENT can reveal the source of or contributing factors to health challenges. I coach you towards prioritizing the steps and considering abundant ideas to create your healthiest soulful spaces. Spaces that will, in turn, support the optimum health of you and your family. I offer follow-up or stand-alone services and work collaboratively with you or solo to return your spaces, you and your family to radiance.

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY ALIGNMENT $75/75 min. session (phone or in person; review your whole home or focus on kitchen, bedroom, workspace or your choice)


HEALTHY HOME COACHING $66/hour (phone or two-hour minimum in person)

CLUTTER CLEARING, ORGANIZING & BEAUTIFYING $33/hour (two-hour minimum in person and mileage reimbursement may apply)

I look forward to talking to and meeting you. Please call me today at 952.431.5586.

Free estimates on all projects with discounts on larger projects and prepay packages for multiple coaching sessions.

“Through Beautiful Necessity Alignment, Loris’s questions and promptings called forward my own creativity and knowing, groundingsanta-fe-sky-may-20081 my intentions into form. When we create spaces with clarity and sincerity, the space itself becomes the teacher and the healer, and that is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Since beginning to work from my beautiful new healing office, I have experienced consistent insight and understanding about what will serve my most authentic expression, as well as what will best support my clients. I could not ask for more, and feel eternally grateful to Loris for being the midwife who birthed me into this beautiful and necessary new healing space.” Jane Ellen, Transitional Integration, Santa Fe, NM

img_3044“I can hardly believe how quick my apartment transformed from a “work-in-progress” to a cozy, welcoming, cheerful, but peaceful home.  I moved into my apartment two years ago and never felt comfortable in it. It never felt like “me.” I love to host parties, dinners, and lunches. When having people come over I found myself giving a forewarning that “My apartment is not finished” and “I’m still working on it.” Eventually I stopped having people over and found myself avoiding my own home as well.  I felt stuck, every room just wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t figure out what it was that was wrong. I had no vision.  I knew what I wanted out of each room but I couldn’t create it. Loris came over for about 90 minutes and led me into a relaxing “virtual tour” through my apartment…all from my couch. In the end, I had a vision. Just over a week later my apartment transformed from a perpetual work-in-progress to a sanctuary made just for me, a safe haven, a home.” Forever grateful, Alicia Kornacker, St. Paul, MN

Climbing a Pile of Files“Does your home, apartment or business seem cluttered or chaotic? You can embrace a joyful, radiant home, business, and life through organization and the peace it brings. Loris Sofia Gregory is a fitness coach for those who need a boost to gain control of their near environment through gentle encouragement, assistance, planning, and structure in clearing and organizing. She is a tremendous asset, a savior, an inspirer, and a motivator.” Gary Phelps, Walden Woods, St. Louis Park, MN