We all have the innate natural power to attract and to create an abundance of all the things we want in life: healthy bodies and minds, a healthy beautiful home, prosperity of all kinds, and the people, places, and experiences that fuel us with deep connection, love and meaning.

Through my own ongoing journey towards a radiant body, mind, home, and life, I know that what we hold inside—consciously or invisibly—can prevent us from doing and having all that we desire for our lives. What we energetically carry within us determines our successes and our perpetual challenges, often holding us back from all we want and deserve, despite our best resolutions and dogged determined efforts. No amount of willpower, discipline, motivational affirmations or chastising will get you where you want to go, without first accessing your inner wisdom and releasing all that may be holding you back. You move from the small you to the infinite you, fully living and enjoying your healthiest best self.

Through listening within and accessing your own inner healing wisdom, I support you in energetically clearing and releasing:

Sleeping Beauty with Candles

*Stagnant energy that is keeping you overweight and surrounded by clutter.

*Anger or reluctance to forgive
*Anxiety, stress, toxic repetitive thoughts and fear
*Feeling trapped, victimized or betrayed by current or past circumstances
*People, situations or things that continually drain your energy
*Physical or emotional pain
*Procrastination and unproductive worry
*Self-sabotaging stories and outdated beliefs you tell yourself and others
*Struggle towards things you think you really want but can’t seem to reach
*Unhealthy habits, lack of willpower, discipline, or motivation

You will see and feel results within our first session together. As you release obstacles for good (and stagnant energy within) and we co-create steps to utilize your new found energy, your life will begin to magically rearrange and transform to reflect the amazing divine person that you are.

Detox & Release Session $75/75 minutes (by phone)

Call me today at 952.431.5586.

“Loris, Our session was so meaningful to me and I have been meaning to write and thank you. Thank you for your artful listening and for sharing your calm. I felt like the energy work continued for hours. A couple of items manifested the very next day that I feel had a direct relationship to the clarity you facilitated.” Patricia Estes, Auburn, Maine

“Loris talked me through a few simple steps, asked me certain questions and as we dug down we got to the core of something that I never knew was there. I was able to shed light on and figure out what I needed to do to let go of an issue that has been holding me back in my life. Thank you, Loris, your work is amazing and so simple. I would highly recommend Loris to anyone who is feeling stuck in any area of their life. You’ll be amazed to find out the issues that have been holding you back from moving forward towards a healthy life.” Karen Beelman, Bloomington, Minnesota

“Loris is a wonderful health coach. She is a great listener and has helped me to pinpoint the energetic blocks that prevent my health and happiness. She has many strategies for releasing these blocks, and unveiling the light within. Loris even released a migraine over the telephone! She is great at getting me to choose action steps and to stick with them. I know that with Loris’s loving support, I can achieve all that I want to build a happy, healthy, vibrant life.” Jennifer Ripa-Edson, Ridgefield, Conneticut