Fresh Tastes for Late Summer Delights

Loris Sofia Gregory, Healthy Kitchen Coach, Apple Valley, MN Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Road 11, Burnsville, MN 55337 Succulent pearly white and butter yellow kernels peaking out of lush green jackets. Is there anything that starts your heart aflutter and your taste buds hip hopping more than the first glimpse of farm-fresh sweet corn? [&hellip [...] Continue


Loris Sofia Gregory, Healthy Kitchen & Home Coach, Apple Valley, MN Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Road 11, Burnsville, MN July gifts us with a healthy abundance of flavorful fresh produce: the crisp nutrient-packed greens of basil, broccoli, cabbage, cilantro, cucumbers, dark leafy greens, garlic scapes, parsley and zucchini; the succulent yellows, reds and oranges [&hellip [...] Continue

What can I do to support fresh, local healthy food for everyone? Join Homegrown South!

Homegrown South is a fresh initiative focused on creating a healthy sustainable local food network in the south metro. Homegrown South aims to bring together individuals, organizations, businesses, schools and governments as collaborative partners to grow, process, distribute and enjoy locally-grown fresh foods. How can Homegrown South benefit you and your family? • Save Money: [&hellip [...] Continue

The Simple Joys of Eating Fresh & Local

Smell the fresh fragrance of spring as you wiggle your winter toes among tiny green sprouts in fertile soil. Listen to the popping ears of succulent sweet corn growing knee high by the 4th of July. Feel the amber waves of whole grains swaying in the cooling breeze of late summer. See shiny bright red [&hellip [...] Continue

What’s Fresh & Local in June?

The healthy scrumptious fruits and vegetables of early summer are popping up at local farmers’ markets and being delivered to local co-ops. Read more to fully immerse yourself in the healthy delightful flavors of June. Peas: Sugar snap peas are a cross between garden peas and snow peas.The entire pod is edible, but snap off [&hellip [...] Continue

Spring Cleaning for Your Health: 10 Things You Can Live Without

Spring is the perfect time to release all within and around you that is not supporting life. You have most likely heard, “You are what you eat.” Can you also believe “You are as healthy as your kitchen?” You embody and reflect the energy of your kitchen. Does it encourage and inspire healthy eating or [&hellip [...] Continue

Eat Green & Eat Light

Master Chunyi Lin, The Energy of Food, April 2013 Spring Forest Qigong, Twin Cities, Minnesota After spending so much time indoors during winter we want to – and need to – get outdoors and be active. All that activity makes us want to eat more. That’s fine, if we eat the right things. In spring [&hellip [...] Continue

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Reconnecting Your Heart with Your Home

Reconnecting to your heart’s desires and honoring the heart of your home are complementary. Both hearts nourish a deep inner need for connection and balance. Ancient homes were built around a central hearth to provide a focal point for family life. Still today, your heart and your home serve as an interconnected energetic core, around [&hellip [...] Continue

Who Do You Think You Are?

“We see a world where the legacy that our ancestors left us is honored, where we acknowledge the good works they did in preparing this world for our arrival, and where the love they felt as they made things ready for us is felt as strong today as it was felt back then when they [&hellip [...] Continue

Resolutions You Can Keep

The start of a new year is always a great time to make resolutions. This year, make a resolution to help keep our environment cleaner. aske It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are five easy things you can do to start making a difference. The facts More than 80 percent of what [&hellip [...] Continue