“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

Welcome to Beautiful Necessity and Loris Sofia Gregory based in Apple Valley, Minnesota. I believe that each of us already has abundant wisdom and creative vision to create life-enhancing health and happiness for ourselves and our world, but we often don’t take the time to dream, to clarify, and to “Say yes!” to what we really want.

Paul and Loris, Ackley, MNAs a holistic health coach, energy healer, researcher and writer, I am dedicated to co-creating healthy soulful spaces for personal, community, and planetary sustainability. I artfully reconnect you with your intuitive wisdom and your heart’s desires so you can remember and return to your own brilliant radiance. Together we explore visionary ideas, processes, tools, and resources for you to reclaim a healthy body, mind, home, and life – one empowering step at a time.

The essence of Beautiful Necessity is collaboratively clearing and aligning you and your spaces with the living conscious earth for sustainable health. Practice noticing all that infused with healthy abundant energy within yourself, your family, friends, animals, plants, flowers, trees, nature, and the earth. All that is pure healthy energy desires to flourish and all that is no longer needed can not be sustained. The wise consciousness within and all around you is ready to create and support your perfect path to radiant health.

Are you ready to reclaim radiant health and vitality for yourself each and every day? All paths of Beautiful Necessity lead to realizing your best dreams.  Together we can dream a new sustainable world into existence. I look forward to co-creating a healthier world with you!

My Health Coach Bio

“Your business services have a very loving, powerful and clear vibration. The work you do is very healing to the planet. Keep up your wonderful and beautiful work!” Kathy Van Guilder, Heart Wisdom Communications, Burnsville, MN