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The Power of Presence

Hands Holding Globe“Don’t underestimate the power that is in presence. Even if seemingly nothing much is happening yet, there’s enormous power that comes through you and flows into this world. Don’t even try to understand what it wants; you can only ever get glimpses of what its ultimate purpose is. There’s no single human being who knows intellectually what that ultimate purpose of that vast power is that wants to come into this world through you.”  Eckhart Tolle

2011: Align Your Heart with Your Home

sleeping-beauty-with-candles“On the issue of the sacred, the desecration of the village and the spirit of home, as well as the notion of connection, that is why you, Loris Sofia, have returned to this dimension. You are here to reinstate the sacred inside the home. Home is a dwelling place as well as a restorative connection with the other world, as a place of connection to the ancestors and to spirit.” Malidome Some, Initiated Elder of the Dagara, Burkina Faso, West Africa

2011 is all about new healthy creations and collaborations, birthed out of your personal clarity and inpsired passions. Are you feeling the fresh energy of this new year flow through you, your home and work spaces? You are a walking, talking, creative, magnetic, powerful energy field. Energy connects you to everything and everyone in the universe. Are you and your home clear healthy vessels to allow energy to easily flow and bring you all your heart’s desires, or are you still experiencing a little–or a lot–of your self-created pain and suffering?

A Chinese sage warns, “Qi (energy) moves like a dancer and cannot abide a cluttered stage.” Think about your home, your business, and your life as outer manifestations and mirrors of your own body and inner psyche. Physical clutter, unhappy relationships, excess weight, unfulfilling obligations–all that no longer supports a healthy soulful life–are reflections of stagnant energy patiently waiting to be cleared and released. Consider the length of time that these seen and unseen aspects of your life and home have been draining energy from you. Are you ready for a new healthier life filled with all amazing experiences that you can imagine?

Reconnecting to your heart’s desires and honoring the heart of your home are complementary. Both hearts nourish a deep inner need for connection and balance. Ancient homes were built around a central hearth to provide a focal point for family life. Still today, your heart and your home serve as an interconnected energetic core, around which all life revolves. Optimum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health lies within aligning your home with your heart. The physical center of your home is the perfect place for a home altar, or you may wish to create sacred space in a more intimate private area. We often unconsciously create altars as we intuitively collect and arrange what gives us life and energy: photographs, flowers, candles, books, art objects and mementos. This practice of deliberately honoring valued objects, people and experiences is an outer manifestation of whom and what your heart holds dear.

Each holy space created at home or work can serve as oasis of gratitude where the important aspects of your life come into focus. It is a place where you can pause in stillness to sort through your values and desires, and get to the heart of what you really want in your life. Allow yourself to reflect on your deepest dreams every time you pass by these sacred spots. When you gratefully honor and align your inner and outer heart centers, you unify and balance all things within you, your home or workplace, and your life. This alignment creates a serene, peaceful field of energy that nurtures all residents to feel less stressed, more balanced and be blessed with infinite healthy energy.

Our hearts beat in unison with those we love and your home is the container for this love and gratitude. Honor your home and all those you love as you honor yourself. All that is of love and light will flourish and all that is no longer needed will not be sustained. Unlike humans, nature does not judge what is being offered nor do flowers hesitate to bloom in the world. Your heart is your ever-loyal guide towards creating a healthy home and life. Allow yourself to open fully to the rewarding richness of loving energy that surrounds you. Drink deeply and often from all that life desires to bring to you – to your heart’s delight.

Living in Gratitude

Snowman Spring CleaningGratitude is the highest vibration that we can live within. To live in a state of gratitude, despite what your world currently looks like, will indeed start to rearrange all that is around you. The loving energy of gratitude will clear and purify all that is within you and surrounding you. Anything less will not find you. Feel gratitude for even the hardest of life lessons or the most challenging person in your life right now. Every experience comes in the service of soul learning and clearing all that no longer serves you. Stubbornly holding onto feelings of loss or deprivation will prevent the flowering of all new life that is continually being offered. Your mind may argue with who or what is knocking at your door, but your heart will recognize its teachers and graciously invite them in. Practice noticing all that is infused with healthy energy ─ within yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, flowers, trees, nature, and the earth ─ even the winter winds that bring life and love towards you.

How to Make a Fresh Body Start in 2011

Marna Thall, Guest Writer,

Marna ThallThis time of year is the time of year where we are all connected to how amazing and wonderful we can be. You know what I’m talking about, we start the year off thinking and day dreaming about how this year is different.You may be doing a really great job right now of capturing the essence of all you can be and holding this “new you” up in the air and it feels exciting, motivating and so incredibly special.

Well how can you make a fresh start in 2011 and keep it alive?

1) Craft one goal for this month of January (no more then four goals at a time). At the beginning of each month, write down specifically what you’d like to see change. You may say something like this, “By Feb. 1, I am wearing a size 10!” or “I’m eating only when I’m hungry 80% of the time.” Make sure your goals are specific, positive, measurable and in the present tense. This will focus your energy quickly and easily.
2) Create one small new habit out of one of your goals. So often I hear people tell me 12 new things that they want to commit to this new year. It becomes way too overwhelming for the mind.  What ends up happening is overwhelm, and then nothing actually manifests. Choose one small new habit you can take on and when you accomplish it, move to the next.
3) See yourself achieving this new goal. If your goal this year is to eat when you’re hungry – like the naturally thin do, then see yourself eating at each meal when your body is hungry. See yourself placing your hands on your belly, checking in and enjoying this new thin feeling of eating when you’re hungry. Keep with this visualization and keep seeing it until it becomes a new habit.

4) Feel how good it will feel when this one goal is realized. Feel how good it will feel when you’re eating only when you’re hungry. How awesome you’ll feel waking up feeling lighter, leaner, in control of your eating.

Connect to feeling great and alive. See how proud you’ll be of yourself as you’re living thin and feeling alive and full of joy. Connect to this feeling and every cell in your body will move you toward your goal.

If you’d like help crafting your goals for this up and coming year, I will be leading a workshop on Tuesday, January 11th at 8pm Eastern Time for members of Later in the month I will be doing a visualization to hone in your goals to help you manifest and realize them into being.

Marna Thall, CHT, weight loss coach and non-diet expert, publishes a weekly ezine to help you think and live thin from within. If you’re ready to slim down through a soulful journey, get your complimentary emotional eating assessment at

Your True Source of Nourishment

Bare Feet Taking Steps in WaterYou are grounding fully and definitively into the earth as your true source of nourishment and life. You are birthing yourself into the Earth Mother as your Mother and Mother of all life. You are birthing the small frightened part of you into trust and faith in all beings and all that is. You are releasing long held contractions and beliefs. You are releasing the need for extra weight as protection for yourself. Pain brings you into the present moment and into your present body as it is. The time is NOW for full clear alignment with all that is of life and love and it is time to release all that does not support life on this earth. Relax into all that is, all that is supporting and surrounding you at each moment of each day. You are healed and healing with every breath in every moment. You do not need to “hold tight” or control anything within your body or soul. All is perfectly divinely orchestrated and timed for your ultimate healing and health.

Thin is Not in Our Future

HELP on Scale with Feet

Thin is not in our future as we cannot live in the future. There is no such place or space and we will never get there. We are all already naturally thin from birth. We may be currently in camouflage, but we are all in the soulful process of returning to our selves, to our birthright, to our natural radiance. I know we were all born as divine sacred beings at our optimum weight and we are returning to that as well. Who is keeping us separate? Who is keeping ourselves in struggle, pain, suffering, and working hard? Who is defining ourselves with every thought and every word we say about ourselves? Recently during a coaching session I had a sense of my right arm being tired and weak from struggle. I saw myself pushing against a brick wall with the right side of my body…doing, pushing, trying to make my life happen as I think I want. On my left inutitive receptive insightful side I saw a lovely peaceful flower garden that was just sitting, inviting me to relax and enjoy as much as I choose to do so. Ummmmm? Which do I continue to choose? What wonderful self adjectives, thoughts, lives and friends do we choose to live with, moment by moment, day by day? Various words and thoughts carry whole different vibrations. We can choose to relax into our authentic, true, optimally healthy selves with each breath and each bite. Blessings on lightening and brightening our lives, within and around!