Monthly Archives: December 2009

Divine Orchestration

smoky-mountains-autumnAll pain, restrictions and holding back are self-imposed according to your soul path and destiny. The timing for releasing pain and constrictions is divinely orchestrated with your soul and higher self and not solely determined by your mind or smaller parts of yourself. Fully feel and express all that is yours to experience in the present moment and do not fear or worry about what is next.

Release “What if?” or “Why me?” All is perfectly divinely orchestrated with perfect timing and perfect outcome for ultimate healing of yourself, the earth, and all before you. Rest within perfect yin and act in the world when you are inspired to act. Listen and feel the field around you that is a constant source of support for all that you are destined to do and become. Guidance and support surrounds those who are ready and able to listen with an open heart. Relax into all that is. There is nothing else to experience right now.