Voices from the Earth: The Flowers Speak

Spring Lake Park August 2009The wild wonder of Nature awakens me.
The vital voice of Earth sings me alive.
The elemental rippling within Creation rouses me.
I am fully embodied within Earth’s Great Green Body.

I remove the veil that shrouds my visibility to others.
Fortified within an armour of Light, I let my soul radiance shine.
My dedication for the Spirit rays forth for the world to see.
I am serving the world with my deep devotion.

I am willing to encounter adversity.
Descent into my soul’s depths forges the fire of transcendence.
Soul trial becomes Soul triumph within me.
My tears become diamond jewels of light for the world.

I learn to listen to my own voice.
I trust my inner knowing.
I find the confidence to follow what is right for me.
My light is a source of Truth for others.
In the Garden of Life Sign

I am the only one who can be me in the world.
Everything is waiting for my gift.
I will shine with the Holy Spirit of inspiration.
I will ignite my creative flame of Love for the World.

Cosmic Light beams its blessing into my Body.
Earthly Being pulses its vibrant Life-Field around me.
I feel this resonance of Light and Life weaving within my Heart.
I am nourished and sustained for my work on Earth.

My current blend of flowers in order of appearance:  Green Bells of Ireland, Monkshood, Glassy Hyacinth, Cerato, Columbine, Almond. Affirmations by Patricia Kaminski, Flower Essence Society, www.flowersociety.org

Red Blooming ColumbineDeep gratitude goes to my artful tour guide through the flower realm, Jane Ellen Blossom of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Check out her and her wonderful supportive services at Transitional Integration.


  1. Posted September 29, 2009 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Beauty-full Loris,

    I’m not sure of the proper way to respond on a blog, but want to say that your honoring of your Self and your relationship with the flowers in your personal flower essence blend is lovely, and will touch the soul of others, I am certain. The columbine image you found it so sweet!! Thank you for sharing with us all!

    Love to you, Loris! Oh, and your site it wonder-full!


  2. Debra
    Posted October 5, 2009 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    Hello Loris,
    Your blog is beautiful and there is inspiration in every word! It speaks of empowerment of self, through nature, our experiences and our most inner, deepest self. Thank you for your thoughtful and powerful encouragement.
    Peace & Blessings

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