Aligning Your Heart with Your Home

Reconnecting to your heart’s desires and honoring the heart of your home are complementary. Both hearts nourish a deep inner need for connection and balance. Ancient homes were built around a central hearth to provide a focal point for family life. Still today, your heart and your home serve as an interconnected energetic core, around which all life revolves. Optimum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health lies within aligning your home with your heart.

Create a Home Altar

The physical center of your home is the perfect place for a home altar, or you may wish to create sacred space in a more intimate private area. We create altars often unconsciously as we intuitively arrange photographs, flowers, candles, books, art objects and mementos on coffee tables, fireplace mantles, dresser tops, window sills, desks, and even next to our computers.  This practice of deliberately grouping valued objects is an outer manifestation of whom and what your heart holds dear.

Each holy space created at home or work can serve as oasis of gratitude where the important aspects of your life come into focus. It is a place where you can pause in stillness to sort through your values and desires, and get to the heart of what you really want in your life. Allow yourself to reflect on your deepest dreams every time you pass by these sacred spots. When you gratefully honor and align your inner and outer heart centers, you unify and balance all things within you, your home or workplace, and your life. This alignment creates a serene, peaceful field of energy that nurtures all residents to feel less stressed, more balanced and be blessed with infinite healthy energy.

Create an Atmosphere of Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest vibration that we can live within. To live in a state of gratitude, despite what your world currently looks like, will indeed start to rearrange all that is around you. The loving energy of gratitude will clear and purify all that is within you and surrounding you. Anything less will not find you. Feel gratitude for even the hardest of life lessons or the most challenging person in your life right now. Every experience comes in the service of soul learning and clearing all that no longer serves you. Stubbornly holding onto feelings of loss or deprivation will prevent the flowering of all new life that is continually being offered. Your mind may argue with who or what is knocking at your door, but your heart will recognize its teachers and graciously invite them in. Practice noticing all that is infused with healthy energy within yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, flowers, trees, nature, and the earth?even the spring winds that are gracefully bringing life and love towards you.

Honor Your Heart and Your Home

Our hearts beat in unison with those we love and your home is the container for this love and gratitude. Honor your home and all those you love as you honor yourself. All that is of love and light will flourish and all that is no longer needed will not be sustained. who is owner of domain Unlike humans, nature does not judge what is being offered nor do flowers hesitate to bloom in the world. Your heart is your ever-loyal guide towards creating a healthy home and life. Allow yourself to open fully to the rewarding richness of loving energy that surrounds you. Drink deeply and often from all that life desires to give and to receive…to your heart’s delight.

Published in Stressfree Living, April 2009, as “Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Align Your Heart with Your Home.”