Getting to the Heart of the Matter

sleeping-beauty-with-candlesIn this time of great transformation, are you protecting your most valuable asset? Are you nourishing and honoring what is truly keeping you alive? Our beating, ever-loyal hearts are designed to be fully open, to be fully operational, and to radiantly support the life and the love that envelopes and is within each one of us. Both our hearts and our brains receive and respond to intuitive information. However our hearts are the first to receive and process the emotions and essence of any experience. Our hearts are our personal intelligent historians, recording pleasant and not so pleasant experiences and feelings across the unique richness of our lives.

These trying times are asking us to feel and to release all that is held within and around us that is not pure, beautiful, life-enhancing energy. As with all stuck and stagnant energy, we are being asking to recognize, to feel, and to clear all that no longer serves us. Sometimes we believe that we need to hold onto our painful experiences as a sort of hero’s “survivor” badge. However, find yourself continuing to defend or to argue for your limitations and they are yours. Just as we might naturally take time with a child that needs their “hurt” acknowledged, our pain—past and present─needs to be recognized and acknowledged for the gifts brought to our lives. Continually living with our pain and unfelt emotions keeps us from realizing our true radiance that is waiting to reflect back to us abundantly.

Each person has his or her own timing and sequence for clearing all that does not support life. The best processes and resources to use are also unique to each. However, our journey towards optimum radiance may be quickened by taking daily time to listen within. Our hearts─our life force─thirst for deep rest and reflection. list of domains . It is essential to your health to take time to feel what has not been felt and to recognize and honor aspects of yourself that have been long forgotten, ignored, or pushed aside in haste or in fear. Energetically clearing all that no longer serves you within can be a matter of minutes. Getting to the heart of what you really need and desire for full sustenance and nourishment is an ongoing practice.

The people, experiences, and things that are the most precious in our lives touch our hearts the deepest. Listen to your heart without judgment to know when and how to move forward in your life, perhaps closer to another sweet heart or towards a fresh adventure. Your wise heart always knows when you are finished with unfulfilling relationships, jobs, routines, places or things. Your heart’s desires are often subtle and will not necessarily be encouraged or be initially in alignment with your thoughts. Practice honoring your soulful heart, without unnecessary constraints created by past experiences and beliefs that no longer serve you. Your heart is beating right now, patiently waiting to be felt and to be heard. Listen closely and often to the small, often timid, whispers that are always nudging you towards true heart fulfillment.