The Invisible is Essential

peach-brown-nautilus-shell1Is it possible to get our heads around energy or qi (pronounced “chee”)? What could be more familiar than the breath of life? We know the difference between a living being and a corpse. We know the difference between feeling truly alive and feeling like we’ve been hit by a truck. And we know the difference between a place where we love to be and a place we’re eager to escape. Our body is doing energy work or qigong every night as we sleep. We intimately know qi and the invisible energy that flows,¬†interconnects and informs our bodies, our spaces and our universe.

Perhaps the real problem is that we’ve been asked for centuries to ignore what we know in every cell of our bodies. Our culture is about speed and excess. We’re too busy to know how we feel or how profoundly we are affected by our surroundings. The measure of our success–and the predictor of our ability to thrive on Earth–is in the vitality of the whole. If we can perceive qi and understand how our environments affect our lives, that’s the essence of what we need to know. The breath of life is present and available to us all. Observing the seen and the unseen world within and around us, trusting our gut feelings and caring about the continuum of all life are our most important tools.

Our state of our lives and our health is often an inside job. Inner quiet and balance is the place from which healing can occur, when we pause and listen to our inner healer, and act upon those messages and life choices that emanate from the inside out. We each hold the keys to our own healing and can reconnect to our own mind, body and spirit medicine. The more we explore the outer realms of the cosmos, the more we are inspired to explore our inner imaginal realms. Science and spirit are bound together in one paradigm of expansion. Our imaginations and moving into the sometimes unfamiliar spaces of inner authority are the new frontiers of personal and planetary health.