The Truth about Money and Love

gold-coin-landscape“Money is love.” my spiritual life coach said to me matter of fact, as if this was common knowledge. My mind went blank. It couldn’t even start to associate any sliver of meaning to her statement. She tried to probe a little deeper into my black hole of consciousness with her next statement, “The spiritual essence of money is love.” As my mind struggled to make some sense to what she was saying, a small ray of awareness unexpectantly pierced my random darting thoughts. The idea that I could have money or love in my life slowly percolated up to awareness. This belief that was suddenly skimming the surface of my consciousness was brand new to me. I reflected on my childhood of being taken care of physically…never without the basics of shelter, food or clothes but emotionally adrift, growing up without what I would consider a truely tangible experience of Love, or the experience with any emotions, come to think of it. Good Swedes don’t do emotions. Life is certainly much neater without them.

This recent conversation propelled me to further exploration of this strange new landscape of “money as love.” Shamanic journeying is one of my tools of choice for exploring beyond my all-to-often limited consciousness. I’ve found that there is definitely an art to crafting the right question. Starting with “What is the highest truth about…?” often elicits a rich response that gently nudges higher truths into my mind, in service of a benevolent Universe hoping to nudge out long-held beliefs that no longer serve me. Phrasing your inner questions in this manner allows your Ego, often with its own agendas and desired outcomes, to step gracefully aside and allow a much clearer, higher soulful part of Self to hopefully be heard.

Through my shamanic training, I became aware and connected with various aspects of myself: a Healer, a Warrior, a Teacher and a Visionary. These are all aspects of Self patiently waiting to be listened to, nurtured, utilized, and ideally, seamlessly integrated into a truly radiant whole Self. I consider these aspects to be my Wise Council that leads and supports me in co-creating healthy soulful spaces within and around.

Sure enough, when I asked, “What is the highest truth about money and love?” the response confirmed what had already been spoken by my spiritual life coach. I offer these musings to spark your own inner wisdom and healing medicine.

What is the highest truth about money and love?

“Money is love…pure energy of highest vibration and a means for the universe of humans to exchange goods and services. Money is the medium through which you receive things you need and want. Money is pure energy that can flow freely or be stagnant or stuck. The Universe desires and is contracted to provide all incarnated beings with all they need and desire.

“You are within the illusion that you have lost money but it cannot be lost, just as energy cannot be created or destroyed. Your world is experiencing a great clearing and rearranging of money and what you call your “economic system” as a means to correct misuses of the energy of money. Money has been used to serve greed and hoarding rather than an exchange of pure love. Its spiritual essence has been corrupted in many ways throughout the world and this is a time of clearing and purifying to release all that is not of essence, all that no longer serves humanity.

The steps for receiving money and love of the highest essence and vibration are simple: 1) What does your heart desire? 2) Is your heart fully open to receive? 3) What beliefs are preventing your pure essence from radiating into the world? Each person is given the opportunity to allow the exchange of money to flow freely into their life through the clearing of any beliefs and emotions that may be blocking abundance and prosperity into their life. Humans often feel less than worthy of all that is destined for and waiting to be delivered to their highest Self in this lifetime.

six-pack-of-money-plantsWhat is the highest truth about money in my life?

“You can create whatever you want to and all will be provided for you. There are no limitations to creativity and creation in the New Field and there are no limits to prosperity and abundance. Are you fully opening your heart to all that the Universe desires to provide you or are you assuming limited supply and lack? Go within to clear all that is not of your authentic essence. Play and create freely. You do not need to work at who you are. Be who you truly are and allow the Universe to provide all your heart desires with exact precision and timing.

“Release how all that is yours will be received. Your mind does not need to know how the Universe operates nor can it fully grasp the magnificence of all that is not visible. Money, abundance and prosperity may come in many forms and paths as your energy field and vibration allows. Release expectations. You may ask for exactly what you want and more. Open your core essence to receive all that is ready to be provided, all that already exists.

“You are loved and are pure love. You are the same energy as money—pure love. Love and energy desires to flow freely through the Universe. You are on your path. All is well. Open to receive as much as you desire. Ask for money of the highest vibration. It is on the way to you. Allow and receive with consciousness and gratitude.”

Thank you Universe and Wise Council for conitnually returning me to my own radiance! I also gratefully acknowledge and bow to spiritual and financial life coach Kathleen Cox for artfully supporting my path of consciousness for over a decade. Explore Kathleen’s own radiant services at